Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to our frequently asked questions (FAQ)  page. From this page, you will find the necessary information regarding our services. We present our detailed service and other information. If you don’t find your desired information here, you can Contact Us easily via live chat, email, or telephone.

Outsourcing Image Editing Service Provider Company.

While looking for any image editing-clipping path service, we realize you would have many online choices. However, you can not invest your money in any random picks.



General Helps

Create an account on our website — login to your account. After login, upload your files via our website. Or any alternative file-sharing methods such as DropBox, WeTransfer, google drive, or FTP. Submit a quotation request form. Then we will let you know further process after reviewing your inquiry.

Our turnaround will rely upon the quantity and complexity of your images. Nonetheless, we attempt to finish all the positions in 24 hours. If you request thousands of photos, the time frame will increase upon discussion. For example, we can finish 2 to 3 thousand images for Photoshop clipping tasks in 24 hours now.

Sign In to your account, and visit our website order form for more details will your name, address, email, and phone number, and upload your image file via a web portal. You can drop files into DropBox, WeTransfer, or FTP. Request “My Orders section. Our team will confirm your request within 10 minutes or less.

Indeed, you can apply for a free trial. We are offering clients to send us five images for image editing services. It’s a free trial service in an hour or less. In any case, A free trial is only possible if you have more than 100 images for an undertaking. Let us know the number of photos you want for a trial-structure touch-up.

We accept Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator camera files to work on. Usually, we solicit to upload the JPEG file format because it is less in size, yet the quality is fantastic.

We accept Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator or
adobe after effects camera row files to work on. We can return all Photoshop file formats or, on your solicitation. You can send files in JPEG format and order clipping paths to eliminate the background. We make the background pure white so we can save them in .jpeg with white background. Similarly, you can send any other formats and ask us about your demanding file composition. You can choose the file formats underneath or inform us of your required format.

  • .JPEG with
  • clipping path only
  • .JPEG with clipping path including white background
  • .JPEG with clipping path with original background
  • .JPEG with white background web format
  • .PNG with transparent background
  • .PNG with web format
  • .GIF with web format
  • .PSD with clipping path
  • .PSD with transparent layer
  • .PSD with second layers
  • .PSD with multiple layers
  • .PSD with channel mask
  • .PSD with layer mask
  • .TIF with the same action as PSD format
  • .AI raster to vector conversion format
  • .EPS with vector conversion format etc.
  • .mp4 Video is an electronic medium for the recording,
  • .ANIM  used to store digital movies and computer generated animations
  • .Lottie for vector graphics animation

Now, file sharing between parties has become more flexible. So you can pick any strategies to upload/download files. We share our FTP access details to upload your files. There are many third parties for the report file-sharing cycle, like DropBox and WeTransfer. In this way, you can utilize any of them. Or, again, you can utilize our web uploader to upload or download unlimited files. We suggest FileZilla FTP clients for volume files. Please visit our FTP tutorial to learn how it functions.

Indeed, our FTP server is secure and safeguarded enough. Each client has a different username and password so nobody can access anyone’s account.

Unlimited files you can upload or download consistently. We are using a server with unlimited space. Accordingly, you can transfer data limitlessly. So easily upload thousands of images via FTP without hassle.

Absolutely yes. We will undoubtedly guard your images securely. We don’t offer your images to a third party, so you don’t have to stress. Then again, our P.C. is gotten by highly safeguarded anti-virus and our website as well.

You should have no prerequisites to upload many such files for a request. Send thousands of images for one request and even one photo to get a photo editing service. We appreciate your business and your demands.

We provide image editing, Graphics design, Video Editing, Web Design, and Development services. We care for our customers, their time, and their cost Our team has consistently done the same Photoshop, Illustrator, or Web image optimization tasks.

Our Main Services Image Editing Services. Image Editing Services include clipping Path,  Background Remove, photo masking, image shading, photo retouching, Color Correction, Ghost Mannequin, picture manipulation, photo reflection, and vector conversion for more than a decade. and more. Eventually, our team became specialists in these tasks, and we assured the best quality. Moreover, Bangladesh is a low-labor cost region; hence we are capable of providing services at affordable costs.

First, graphics-design experts’ service assures the best quality image editing. We also provide other photo editing services with our experienced designers. If you find an issue with your files, in that case, we do the correction with the priority task without extra charge.

You can pay us after login into your account through our website. We are providing our clients with a secured online payment system.

Our payment method accepts the following online payment gateway PayPal, 2checkout, Credit Card, Debit Card, or bank transfer. You will get the payment information on the invoice.

Your request is finished and gotten back to you. Then we will email you the invoices. You have included the invoice with the payment link on our website. You can click on the link to pay directly using your picked strategies, like PayPal or Credit Cards. Alternatively, you can look at all your invoices in your account, select the invoice, and pay if you see any unpaid invoices. All the invoices history is displayed in your account under the “My invoices” section.

Indeed, we have a week-after-week, month-to-month, or request-based payment framework. We should agree with you about the payment system to get this facility. Subsequently, we can send you the invoice for the last month’s work in the first seven-day stretch of the month.

We accept most online payment systems, including PayPal, Credit Cards, Debit Cards, 2checkout, and Bank transfers. Be that as it may, if none suits you, please contact us to discuss other payment options.

We have an unconditional promise since we don’t take advance payment for image editing
services. There will be few chances to return the asset once you pay us. That is the reason we demand payment only when you receive the finished files with satisfaction. We believe this cycle increases your confidence in our quality of image editing services.

Don’t worry about it. You can retrieve the username and password using the recovery from the login page. Or on the other hand, Please send your registered email address through the contact address.