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Unfortunately, you’re not the only company to realize advertising on social media is a solid business decision. In fact, competition for real estate on your target market’s newsfeed is fierce. So if you’re going to do social media banners, you’re going to have to do them well.

Stick to the ad specs. You want your banners to display properly on the platform, as well as on all shapes and sizes of device, so creating a banner ad with the right dimensions and resolutions is absolutely essential.

One particularly important consideration is how much text you include in your banner ads. Facebook banners are limited in that text can only take up to 20% of your ad space, so play by the rules and watch your ad reach an even wider audience.

Next, think about your message. The best social media banners spur users to take an action – watch, listen, click. The objective of your social advertising campaign will inform your call to action. Do you want more traffic to your website? To sell a specific product? To build brand awareness? These are important factors to consider when creating a social media banner, so set yourself a goal.

The most effective social media banners evoke an emotional response. As humans we love stories, so try to appeal to the human side of your customers. Think about what is going to add value to your ideal customer’s day and how you can show that you understand their thoughts, feelings and pain points.

In terms of how your social media banner actually looks, a professional design is a must for producing eye-catching graphics and high quality, high-resolution images. Keep your fonts, colours and language on brand for your business, so you can start to build that all-important brand recognition.

Likeable Social Media Banners

In the age of social media, take your business beyond boundaries. Lead the competition from the front with captivating banners for platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and many more. Fetch wider audience with enhanced traffic.

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Picking which social media network to zero in on can appear somewhat overpowering, assuming you’re considering using social media banners to promote your image. With countless choices out there, how do you have at least some idea of where to begin?

In the first place, search for where your objective market will probably hang out on the web. Facebook is great for organizations that depend on suggestions and verbal because it’s where we will generally associate with our loved ones. Instagram banner promotions appeal to the design and well-being cognizant of Recent college grads, and it’s stylish.

YouTube is a good place to start if your audience is into something niches like gaming or movies. A small amount of exploration toward the beginning makes an enormous difference.

Also, look at investigation apparatuses to determine which channels are now directing people to your site. If you have a lot of traffic from Twitter, the odds are you have more fans ready to be found – and designated with banner promotions. So why not get a beginning on some Twitter banner promotions?

Remember, you can advance social media banners for your picked stage. We must pressure this as much as possible, as every stage has rules, best practices, and OK sizes to be distributed on the stage.

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